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RaliCap is the premier emerging market fintech fund and collective, powering super founders with strategic capital. Fueled by a collaborative community of fintech angel operators and top-tier global funds, we are crafting a portfolio of exceptional teams building the next generation of financial services. You can read more in our recent TechCrunch coverage here.

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Our Formula:

We 💛 Emerging Markets

We are life-long believers in inclusive financial innovation — and the globalizing convergence of cloud, mobile and data technologies, harnessed by a generation of digitally-native founders, has set the stage for true fintech revolution from CDMX to Lagos, Cairo, Karachi and beyond.

Our LPs represent over 30 countries — 55%+ are outside the US — and have founded, scaled and sold businesses across the globe.

We ❤️ APIs & Platforms

RaliCap invests in foundational fintech infrastructure -- the data, payment and communication startups accelerating scalable, multi-market financial services.

We’re thesis-driven, focused on infra APIs growing TAMs, driving scale and enabling multi-market expansion.

While the nascency of emerging market ecosystems creates compounding TAM :: CAC :: LTV challenges for consumer- & merchant-facing applications, B2B startups are disrupting these dynamics and laying the rails for profitable, inclusive and sustainable financial ecosystems.

We’re guided by the wisdom of Emeka Ajene:

“...investors in (emerging) markets are most likely to find success if they concentrate on ventures that: build basic or alternative infrastructure; organize and integrate fragmented markets; minimize transaction costs & friction; enable entrepreneurship & economic empowerment; or create entirely new markets.”

We 💚 Collaboration

Combining capital, operating expertise and venture capital networks into a collaborative investment community, RaliCap empowers a portfolio of top-tier founders building the next generation of emerging market financial services.

Early capital has outsized impact on founders’ journeys and our hands-on model is designed to optimize portfolio success. As founders and operators ourselves, we know how to launch, raise, scale, hire and win — and we put our founders at the center of everything we do.

Portfolio Highlights:

RaliCap Climate
RaliCap Fund 1
RaliCap Fund 0

The Team:


Hayden Simmons founded RaliCap in 2020.

Prior to becoming a VC, Hayden spent much of the past decade in emerging market fintech strategy and business development roles, with Facebook's Novi/Diem project, Juvo and Migo; he was also a venture partner at pan-African fund Lateral Capital.

Hayden graduated from Colorado College in 2007, majoring in Latin American Economic Development and minoring in Spanish; he wrote his thesis on ”Collectivized Remittances in Mexico,” and spent his early career supporting migrants in the borderlands with No More Deaths and then worked on remittance pricing transparency, largely focused on the US-MX/-PH corridors, with TIGRA.

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, he enjoys rock climbing, playing guitar and tending to his mezcal farm. He lives with his wife, goldendoodle and newborn son in Marin County.


Kyane Kassiri is a partner at ralicap.

He has been working in the African tech scene for the past 7 years, first as an entrepreneur, then as an investor with African, US and European VC firms. Kyane has been prolifically angel investing across MENA and SSA before starting his [now fully deployed] micro-fund Suya Ventures.

Based in hometown Tunisia, Kyane is often wandering around RaliCap’s key markets, picking up some pidgin, swahili, urdu and Egyptian slang along the way.


Gracia Max-Harry is an Investment Associate at RaliCap

In the past 4 years, Gracia has provided strategy and investment advisory services to companies in Africa. She has assisted over 20 companies in designing business strategies and has facilitated capital raising in excess of $67 million. Before joining RaliCap, she worked at Chrysalis Capital where she helped later-stage tech companies secure funding.

Gracia lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She loves dancing salsa, karaoke and swimming, and hopes to pick up surfing in a year or two.

Our Venture Partners

contact us: info@ralicap.com

Hayden and Kyane in CDMX.

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