RaliCap VPs
RaliCap VPs

RaliCap VPs

In order to exceptionally cover 3 continents, RaliCap relies on a network of on-the-ground Venture Partners to facilitate deal sourcing, due diligence and portfolio support.

VPs are primarily local operators/founders looking to break into/learn about venture capital, benefit by earning carry on deals they source and close, gaining experience and exposure to the financial, legal, commercial and strategic elements of the venture industry and enjoying the support of a high-growth, high-signal, experienced fintech angel collective. We also work with seasoned angels and later stage VCs looking to collaborate at pre-seed/seed.

If interested in applying, email info@ralicap.com; include: your LinkedIn/Twitter links and a few sentences on why you think you’d be a great fit! Please first read our fund thesis.


  1. Deal Sourcing 🧭
    1. VPs should be a WhatsApp away from key founders, VCs and other ecosystem players, able to access both the best, over-hyped deals and the most interesting, overlooked ones
  2. Deal Leading and Management 📝
    1. Lead and manage the memo and DD process
    2. Collect and manage community feedback and questions
    3. Lead Q&A calls with RC community, founder(s) and partner(s)
    4. Drive go/no-go decision on RC’s investment
  3. Brand Building / Ambassadorship 🧗
    1. Help design and curate the RC brand, promoting our fund across your ecosystem
  4. Industry Tracking 📈
    1. VPs should have an informed, unique and thoughtful thesis on the past, current and future of fintech (especially infra) within their local market
    2. Engage in and host discussions around the state of industry, emerging company trends, competitive landscapes, strategic developments, geopolitical impact, etc. on Slack, including through regularly planned roundtable discussions
  5. Portfolio Support 🤝
    1. Support portfolio companies and founders in a few capacities;
      1. Hiring and team growth - share recs within your / RC’s network!
      2. Strategy, unblocking and internal LP management - making oneself available to regional portfolio founders to solve through problems or connect into an expert in the RC community
      3. A recurring (ex; bi-monthly) founder sync with select expert RC LP’s to find ways to continue supporting portfolio founders